Company Culture is one of the things we pride ourselves on heavily.  We believe in a Fun, Positive, and Learning environment where everyone has an important part to play.  While we run workshops and meetings during the first half our day to help facilitate growth and learning, we like to throw in a few games and competitions to keep things live and create great team camaraderie.  We also hang out with each other outside of the work place for anyone who wants to be involved. Every Thursday night we host some form of event such as karaoke, trivia night, game night, volleyball, etc. While not mandatory, most everyone goes because it gives us a chance to hang out and get to know each other on a real level and creates a real team bond and family type relationship in the office.  Friends and family are always invited to these events and we encourage them to come. Our environment is one that sees everyone as a business partner and not an employee. This means that we value new ideas and encourage people to take charge in their progress through our training program.


Travel Opportunities

For those seeking an opportunity to travel and learn how to effectively network, we offer a variety of experiences to do so.  Travel is not required; however there are excellent examples of other offices that are also setting the pace when it comes to growth and advancement within our industry.  We offer the ability to visit and learn from these other great examples in our field. There are also a number of different conferences that we hold for different people at different development levels. These are designed to award high performers in our business and to better train people on how to get to the next level faster.