Marketing Approach

As we are an outsourced marketing firm that works with over 100 clients worldwide, we have found that the most important thing when focusing on getting consistent results is to have a replicable system.  This system has to be easy to follow and allow us to bring in a high volume of new customers while maintaining quality. Instead of having massive offices set up with a corporate structure where we represent multiple clients out of one location, we have found that having multiple smaller offices each one only representing one client at a time has allowed us to focus our efforts on the specialization of that client in select market areas. It also allows us to focus on a more specific targeted market.  Having an easy to follow proven system to gain new customers for the client also permits us to focus more on the training and recruitment aspect of our business which allows for faster growth and expansion which is what our client ultimately wants at the end of the day. We have seen that developing more leadership within our model lets us expand into different markets creating more opportunities and revenue for everyone involved. Therefore we are constantly seeking individuals who we can develop as leaders in our industry.  We only promote from within which gives us the advantage of having qualified people in leadership positions with a proven track record. There’s a blueprint to our success and we want anyone involved to be able to keep the ball moving forward.


Our Personal Approach

Being that all of our clients are fortune 100 to 500 companies, they are already well known businesses with proven products and services.  What that means is that they are not in need of more brand awareness and recognition. That’s why they don’t need us for things like commercials, radio ads, billboards, social media and web design. They have their own departments that have been handling that sort of exposure for years. But what they do come to us for is bringing them brand new customers.  That’s why we specialize in one on one Face to Face Marketing. It’s a more direct approach that permits us to be the face of their company and represent them with honesty and integrity. It also allows for the client to more easily measure the return on investment they are getting by using us to represent them. Over the years we have found that talking to people in person is a way more effect means of gaining more actual customers compared to other forms of direct marketing such as through the phones or mail. That’s why we pride ourselves in keeping a sharp and professional image and only employing people who are going to be able to properly represent our client’s billion dollar brands.  While we use all forms of face to face marketing strategies such as, business to business, business to consumer, retail based and event based marketing, we only use one form per office based on which client we’re representing and demographic we are aiming to reach. We choose which format to use based on the specific needs of that particular client.