Question: What does your company do?
Answer: We are an outsourced direct sales and marketing company for Fortune 100/500 Companies.

Question: Who are your Clients?
Answer: Unfortunately, as we are not online advertisers we are not legally able to disclose the names of our clients online. We do discuss this with anyone who we interview for a potential position at our firm.

Question: What type of marketing do you do for your clients?
Answer: We do direct face to face sales on behalf of our clients becoming the face of their company. Each office uses the face to face marketing approach and strategy that best suits the client that they are representing in the targeted market they are in.

Question: Is your company a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Firm?
Answer: No. Our business is a part of a much larger organization that has been around for over 30 years and is active in over 20 countries. We fall into the category of the franchise type business model.

Question: Are you currently hiring?
Answer: Yes. As we have specific goals for our clients pertaining to growth and expansion, we are always looking for the right candidates that may help us reach those targets.

Question: What roles are you currently hiring for and what are the responsibilities?
Answer: While we have many roles we are looking to fill, we only ever hire people into an entry level position where they will learn to assist us in New Customer Acquisition first. That being said, realistically we need people who we can quickly cross train and develop into more of leadership and management roles. We only promote from within however, and need people who can and will be able to learn all the ins and outs of our systems and structure.

Question: What are the qualifications for being hired at your firm?
Answer: Qualifications may vary based on the candidate we are interviewing. Experience is not required as we do all of our own training from within. We do look for certain transferable skills such as work ethic, problem solving, leadership, and customer interaction.

Question: What does your interview process consist of?
Answer: Our interviews are a three step process. Our first round is a quick meet and greet, getting to know each other and to identify if we would like to proceed to the second. The second interview is where the bulk of our interview takes place and lasts a lot longer. The third is a quick wrap up with management immediately after the second. If a candidate is selected for hire they will usually be contacted that same day later on as we do have specific goals for the right individual.

Question: Do you offer paid Internships?
Answer: Yes we do. Most of them are paid.

Question: What goals do you have for this year?
Answer: We have many goals for this year. Some of them include expanding into three more markets, growing our team to over 50 people and being overall the number 1 in quality for our client in 2019. So far we are on track to hit all three of these goals.