Advancement Opportunities

LAE Consulting believes in the idea that every new generation is going to evolve the business even further. We are a people helping people business. Therefore it’s important that we invest in our employees as much as possible to give the right people the opportunity for clear cut advancement and upward mobility. That is why we have a specific and structured Management Training program designed for training the right individuals into leadership positions within our industry. We also acknowledge that not everyone comes into our business to make this a career. That’s why we offer other formats of growth such as internships to give people transferable skills that they can then take into other industries. This gives them a head start by building experience with things like sales, marketing and business management skills.  We are a very competitive environment where we encourage people to move at their own pace and get what they’re worth. The right people will get our business.


For people seeking a career in our business we always start them in the exact position as anyone else ever has no matter their experience or schooling level.  We only promote from within and have specific targets and criteria for someone to hit in order for us to know that they are ready for the next step. This doesn’t mean that schooling and experience isn’t valued.  This just eliminates any seniority or politics and allows for us to provide a quick path to management based on a proven track record and knowledge of our systems. We only want people in leadership positions if they know our business model in and out and can perform all the duties and responsibilities of every position. This ensures us that the business will continue performing at the high level we are accustomed to and that when someone is in a management position that they will be able to replicate the results in others.  Skills that they will learn and demonstrate along the way will be things such as interviewing, public speaking, corporate event planning, time management, organization and a lot more. As we are a marketing company new customer acquisition, in other words sales, will also be a skill learned along the way as well. Overall the biggest thing someone will learn to do is to create value for themselves by learning how to effectively transfer knowledge and coach others to do what they do.



For anyone seeking an internship we provide a fun, hands on learning experience that will provide real skills and experience that most employers will appreciate.  Interns have an opportunity to learn both the front and the back end of our business. This includes shadowing administration, learning social media and ad placement along with gaining sales, training and interviewing skills.  As we focus on the development of leadership positions, this means that interns get an opportunity to also learn valuable transferal skills such as public speaking, organization, team development, critical conversations and corporate event planning.   We have the philosophy that even if someone isn’t in our business for the long-term, there should still be an investment in developing them for the future. If everybody is growing in our business then we’re moving towards hitting all of our goals.