LAE Consulting Inc. entered the Southeastern Wisconsin market in September of 2017. Since its arrival it has successfully hit multiple targets given by its client while maintaining one of the highest qualities seen to date.  We are known for long term New Customer Acquisition on behalf of our clients and pride ourselves in our ability to exceed our client’s expectations. It is because of this quality that we have recently been given the task of becoming an expansion office designed to replicate our results not only just over the state of Wisconsin but also into the entire Midwest Region.  We take pride in all aspects of our business including but not limited to our Career Development and Management Training.

Since opening in this market we have expanded but have recently been asked to double down our efforts to move the ball faster.  Due to our success we are in high demand. Not only we do we specialize in Direct Sales and Marketing, but we are experts in teaching, training and developing leadership within this ever expanding field. We are a part of an organization that has been around for longer than 28 years spanning over 19 countries with over 100 Clients worldwide.  While some offices are a more sales centric location, ours is one that promotes growth and advancement.