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About Us

LAE Consulting is a Direct Sales and Marketing Firm that believes strongly in representing our clients with Honesty and Integrity. Quality is just as important as Quantity in our field. Therefore we only employ those who are seeking an opportunity for growth and advancement and can see themselves in a leadership position. Leaders should always lead by example and be willing to do all tasks that are required to get the job done correctly. It is because of this attention to detail that our Fortune 500 to 100 clients have chosen us to help them expand their marketing efforts not only on a Local and National level, but on a Global one as well.

What We Do

LAE Consulting Inc. entered the Southeastern Wisconsin market in September of 2017. Since its arrival it has successfully hit multiple targets given by its client while maintaining one of the highest qualities seen to date. We are known for long term New Customer Acquisition on behalf of our clients and pride ourselves in our ability to exceed our client’s expectations. It is because of this quality that we have recently been given the task of becoming an expansion office designed to replicate our results not only just over the state of Wisconsin but also into the entire Midwest Region. We take pride in all aspects of our business including but not limited to our Career Development and Management Training.

What we can offer.

Marketing Approach

As we are an outsourced marketing firm that works with over 100 clients worldwide, we have found that the most important thing when focusing on getting consistent results is to have a replicable system.  This system has to be easy to follow and allow us to bring in a high volume of new customers while maintaining quality.

Personalized Service

Instead of having massive offices set up with a corporate structure where we represent multiple clients out of one location, we have found that having multiple smaller offices each one only representing one client at a time has allowed us to focus our efforts on the specialization of that client in select market areas.

Professional Team

LAE Consulting believes in the idea that every new generation is going to evolve the business even further. We are a people helping people business. Therefore it’s important that we invest in our employees as much as possible to give the right people the opportunity for clear cut advancement and upward mobility.

National Reach

Not only do we specialize in Direct Sales and Marketing, but we are experts in teaching, training and developing leadership within this ever expanding field. We are a part of an organization that has been around for longer than 28 years spanning over 19 countries with over 100 Clients worldwide.

Positive Environment

As we are a marketing company new customer acquisition, in other words sales, will also be a skill learned along the way as well. Overall the biggest thing someone will learn to do is to create value for themselves by learning how to effectively transfer knowledge and coach others to do what they do.

Strong Company Culture

John Jones, CEO and President of LAE Consulting Inc., has over 10 years of Direct Sales and Marketing experience and has trained people all over the Country. He strongly believes in a servitude management style where one should never ask another to do something they have never done or wouldn’t be willing to do.

Our CEO says...

“I believe in a culture where people push themselves to the maximum not bare minimum! I truly think that if someone really has a great work ethic, excellent student mentality and a drive and passion for what they do, they can accomplish anything they set their mind to with a positive attitude!”


John Jones


John Jones, CEO and President of LAE Consulting Inc., has over 10 years of Direct Sales and Marketing experience and has trained people all over the Country in effective techniques utilized within our Organization. Originally from the Greater Milwaukee area he has proven himself in all levels of our business.  He strongly believes in a servitude management style where one should never ask another to do something they have never done or wouldn’t be willing to do. As we only promote from within he has accomplished all the necessary training and experience required to being in a leadership position. He has a large network of Business partners throughout different North American markets such as New York, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, St. Louis and many others.


Moises Benitez

Manager/Business Partner

Moises Benitez was promoted to Management last year during everything that was happening in 2020.  He was a journeyman carpenter before coming to LAE Consulting.  Since then, he has built a consistent team known for their quality and hitting specific targets given to us by various clients. As a Manager he has already ran 3 different campaigns with multiple clients.  He believes that to grow you need to be willing to put yourself in situations that are going to develop your skills and give you the right tools to accomplish your goals in the most effective ways possible. We expect more growth out of him from here and look forward to seeing what he accomplishes next.


Adam Dreikosen

Manager/Business Partner

Since starting in our Organization Adam has been a pace setter breaking multiple records in our performance driven industry. He continues to accel being the fastest to make it to Management through his hard work and dedication. His can-do attitude and dedication to his team has commanded the respect of those he has around him. He plans on expanding soon to a new market and growing our team from there. He feels strongly about leading from the front and as a Star Wars fan believes in doing verses trying. Adam has a competitive mindset coming from a wrestling background. Therefore, we’re sure that he will continue to break even more records.


“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!”


Madeleine Reuter


Maddie is the heart and soul of our recruiting team. She has continuously been one of the top Admins in the Country and has won many awards. Her hard work and diligence created countless of opportunities for those on our team. A huge reason why we have been able to expand so quickly is because of the innovative ideas she has brought to the table and many hours she has put into her job. She believes that a job isn’t done until it is done right. We’re glad to be working with someone so on top of her game.

Our clients have said...

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